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techZING! Podcast about tech startups

Check out my new podcast it’s all about tech startups. You can listen instantly or subscribe in iTunes… http://techzinglive.com

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Digg for Girls

This is SUCH a good idea that I feel depressed that I can’t follow it up. I sure as hell hope the one idea that I’m not telling you about, that the one idea that I’m actively pursuing is as good as this one.

So here’s the idea…

“Digg For Girls”

There you go. That’s the idea. Want proof that there is a market need? Just google “digg for girls

If you decide to get into this please give me a shout, I have a lot of strategic ideas about how to get this to market.

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All Channels – Human Moderated Search Engine

This is an idea I had back in 1999. I don’t post it here because I think it’s something NEW that you could use today. I post it here for posterity to show you what I was thinking about in 1999.

Note: You will need to download the word doc at the bottom of this post to see it.

Myself & my buddy put the plan together and formed a 6 man team to bring it to market. We presented it to the UK VC’s in 2000 – just after the internet 1.0 bubble burst.

Apart from the fact that the bubble burst, we were pitching in the UK where the VC’s just didn’t “get it”. I think if we were pitching in Silicon Valley it might have been a different story.

If you carefully go through this plan I hope you’ll agree that it was the right time to be thinking about something like this. I think Mahalo validates that the idea was an interesting one.

One large mistake in this plan is that it talks about using flash to build it. I actually started building the core technology and quickly realised that HTML would be a better technology to use – but I never got round to updating the business plan to reflect the fact.

All Channels – Human Moderated Search Engine – Idea from 1999

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Twitter Streams By Keyword Analysis

I would like a way to follow twitter streams by keyword analysis.

No, I don’t mean… give me all tweets with the keyword php.

I mean… give me all tweets by the top 5% of people who talk about php the most. i.e. I want to see ALL the tweets by the top 5% of php tweeters.

Here’s how it could be done!

  1. Tokenize the twitter dataset and dump it into a table with two columns
  2. Put the tokenised word in column A put the tweeter in column B
  3. Group by column A,B and order by count desc
  4. Now show a twitter stream of the top 5% of tweeters in the results.

Simple as that!

If you make this, please give me a shout because I want to use it.

Over & out.

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Data Point Snapshot Thingymajig

You know the way that some pages you see on the web are more important than others?

Those are the pages that change your thinking or take you in a new direction.

For the sake of this idea I’m going to call those pages “data-points”.

I want a way to be able to instantly record those data-points in such a way that it is very easy for me to scroll back through them and get to them in the order that I looked at them.

Now you may say, well why not just use the browser history?

I do, but I HATE it. I’ll tell you why!

I look at hundreds of pages a day, when I want to get back to data-points from last week it takes ages to search through the pages – half the time I can’t remember what the title was, or a good keyword to search on, so I just have to manually sift through 500 or so pages in the history sidebar to see which is the exact “influential” page I’m looking for.

Ok, so now you say just bookmark it!

No. It’s too time consuming.

I can’t be bothered to find a folder, categorize, and store it and I don’t want to mess up my nicely organized bookmarks. Anyway, even if I did just randomly add the 20 or so data-points I saw every day my bookmarks would get way to long. And bookmark browsing isn’t the right paradigm to be browsing those type of articles.

So put it in delicious you say? No. I don’t want the world to see what I’m thinking about.

What I want is a quick way to be able to add data-points (ie bookmarks) to a data-point stream (stored locally) as I discover “infulential” pages that change my thinking. So, for example, lets say I hit the key combination of CTRL+SHIFT+D, it would pop-it onto my personal data-point stack.

Then to make it perfect I would want a nice interface to browse my data-points by day, week, month, year etc.

It would be cool if they were displayed in a way similar to google search results, with a title and an abstract in the listing.

It would also be cool if I could search them.

I wouldn’t want them on an external site. The perfect scenario would be if my data-point tracker was a firefox plug-in. This would make everything¬† zingy and snappy and would be local and private.

So, come on Firefox Plugin developers!

Make me a data-point snapshot thingymajig dammit!

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Bayesian include engine for Twitter

Ahh, I wish I had the time to make this simple service. But I don’t so here’s a gem for you to make! When you make it please let me know because I need to use it.

The Idea

Create an iPhone or desktop client or website that allows users to view twitter messages and post to twitter.

When users see a message they like they click the “More like this” button.
When they see messages they don’t like they click the “Less like this” button.

Over time they train the client (via Bayesian filtering) to show more of what they like and less of what they don’t.

So, in essence this little app would be exactly the same as an email spam filter – and filtering out the stuff you were less interested in.

If you want to have a go at making this here’s a good starting point:

If you want to brainstorm it give me a ping: jv AT vip dot ie

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